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ISPA Technology Helps in the Classroom

November 25, 2013 - When a local public elementary school near our Panama City Office made a request for donations to support the purchase of two Parrot AR drones (shown below) in order to introduce the students to the world of coding and aerial robotics, the engineers in us could not resist the opportunity to pitch in and help.

From their teacher... "By building upon the natural curiosity of my students, I plan to introduce them to the world of computer coding and aerial robotics. My project will be conducted in collaboration with a local computer engineer who will help our class learn computer programming basics and how to write computer code in order to manipulate an aerial drone. In the process, students will design a proposal for their projects, work through the process of developing computer code to execute a flight plan, and ultimately watch their code become reality as the aerial drone responds to the commands they have written."

ISPA and a number of other donors came through in a flash and fully funded her project in less than 7 days.

"Dear ISPA Technology LLC (and other donors), The Jet Setters and I could not possibly thank you enough for your generous support of our learning endeavors! Your willingness to give has greatly expanded my students' resources for learning-- what once seemed out of reach for use in our classroom is now right at our fingertips. WOW! Please know that the impact you have had on education is truly not quantifiable. Our nation's future mathematicians, scientists, engineers-- and great thinkers in every domain-- are currently the children we are educating today. Thank you so much for sacrificing in order that they may access quality technology, which may just provide the spark that generates the next great idea and changes our world forever. Thank YOU for being an inspiration!!"

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